Reach For The Firefighter's Badge (How to master the fire department entry-level testing process)

This book is intended to take over from where my first Firefighter preparation book "The Future Firefighter's Preparation Guide," left off. That book was intended on providing the future Firefighter with a road map of what to do when starting out the journey of becoming a Firefighter. This book is intended dto provide more focus on what to expect and more importantly, how to be successful at the Firefighter testing process, which can vary from department to department.


This book will help future Firefighters by providing a road map of how to best navigate the Firefighter tesing (also known as hiring) process, so that they are successful in obtaining a position in the best career I am so fortunate to be a part of, a career in the fire service! If you have prepared for the position of Firefighter by doing many of the things I suggested in "The Future Firefighter's Preparation Guide," and follow the suggestions within this book, your chances for success will greatly increase!


Available as a 206 page paperback or as an eBook.



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Sections within this book include:


  • An overview of the fire service testing process
  • The Firefighter job flyer
  • The Firefighter job announcement
  • Resume preparation
  • The written examination
  • The oral interview
  • The chief's interview
  • The background investigation
  • The medical evaluation
  • The psychological evaluation
  • The recruit academy


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101 Tips to Ace Your Promotional Exam by Steve Prziborowski - published by Fire Engineering Books & Videos

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How To Excel At Fire Department Promotional Exams by Steve Prziborowski

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The Future Firefighter's Preparation Guide by Steve Prziborowski

For the paperback, CLICK HERE.

For the eBook, CLICK HERE.

Reach for the Firefighter  Badge (How to Master the Fire Department Testing Process) by Steve Prziborowski


For the paperback, CLICK HERE.

For the eBook, CLICK HERE.

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