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Code 3 Fire Training & Education Services

Welcome to Code 3 Fire Training & Education!

  • Are you a current or future fire service professional who is preparing to get hired or promoted in the fire service?
  • Are you a current or future fire officer (company officer or chief officer) who wants to just refresh your knowledge, skills, and abilities, or just be the best you can be?

If you fall into one of the above two categories, this website will provide some value and expertise to assist you or others!

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Are you interested in staying on top of training and safety information, including receiving training class flyers and other information related to Career Development? If so, on behalf of the California Training Officers Association, I manage their email distribution list and I send out training and safety information. 


Just starting out preparing for a career in the fire service as a Firefighter?

If so, please visit my other website: for lots of valuable career development information.


Looking for lots of great, FREE promotional preparation & fire officer development info?

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We are here to assist you with meeting your career goals of getting hired or promoted in the fire service, or with being the best you can be, regardless of your rank. We specialize in providing information, mentoring, and of course training and education in the areas of Officer Development (Company Officer & Chief Officer), Leadership, Succession Planning, Career Development, Entry-Level Firefighter Preparation, and Promotional Preparation. 

Interested in hosting a class?

Steve Prziborowski is available for speaking engagements. Some of the Steve's more popular current offerings include:

  • Courage under fire: Being the best Fire Officer you can be!
  • Courage under fire: Lessons learned AFTER getting the badge!
  • Successfully transitioning from Firefighter (or Engineer) to Company Officer
  • Successfully transitioning from Company Officer to Battalion Chief
  • Successfully transitioning from Battalion Chief to Executive Chief Officer
  • How to Excel at Fire Department Promotional Exams
  • What do they want to hear? The promotional oral interview
  • CHAOS should not stand for Captain (or Chief) Has Arrived On Scene!
  • 10 Steps for success in the fire service promotional process / Thinking about taking a promotional exam, if so, start preparing now!
  • What's keeping you from getting promoted?
  • Here's the badge, don't screw it up!
  • Survival skills for the newly promoted Company Officer
  • Survival skills for the newly promoted Chief Officer
  • Who's the boss? Better yet, where was the designated adult? 
  • Top 10 contributing factors to Firefighter LODDs and serious injuries
  • 101 Drills for the Company Officer / The Company Officer as the Training Officer of their crew.
  • 10 Commandments of a great Fire Officer
  • 10 MORE Commandments of a great Fire Officer
  • Creating a Career Development Action Plan!

For more information and to get a price quote, please click the Hosting A Class link. 

Photo Credit: Some of the photos on this website, were taken by Craig Allyn Rose, the best Fire Service professional photographer I am aware of. Visit his website for lots of great pictures taken from around Santa Clara County (CA), on the fireground as well as the training ground, and even during special events such as promotional ceremonies. 


Steve Prziborowski
(408) 205-9006 - Cell

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How To Excel At Fire Department Promotional Exams by Steve Prziborowski

CLICK HERE for more info or to purchase a paperback or eBook version. 

The Future Firefighter's Preparation Guide by Steve Prziborowski

CLICK HERE for more info or to purchase a paperback or eBook version. 

Reach for the Firefighter  Badge (How to Master the Fire Department Testing Process) by Steve Prziborowski

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