How To Excel At Fire Department Promotional Exams!

Getting promoted in the fire service is not an easy process. Many people have that desire to promote, but for whatever reason cannot put the pieces together to make it a reality. Over the 20 plus years I have been in the fire service, I have had the opportunity to be on both sides of the promotional process - as a candidate, and as a rater, proctor and test developer. This book will assist fire department promotional candidates specifically prepare for their next promotional exam.


Promotional candidates will be exposed to and offered key points for the most common tasks and events within a fire department promotional process including but not limited to: promotional preparation, completing the application, resume preparation, the written exam, the oral interview, the personnel problem, the oral presentation, and the emergency simulation.


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Sections within this book include:


  • Before you even take a promotional exam
  • What does a department want in a promotional candidate?
  • So, you want to promote? General guidelines to assist you in getting promoted in the fire service
  • Company Officer/Chief Officer self-evaluation
  • Sample Captain job description
  • Sample Battalion Chief job description
  • Acting Captain task book
  • Acting Battalion Chief task book
  • Thinking about taking a promotional exam? Don't hesitate - get started!
  • 11 Steps for success in the fire service promotional process
  • Think you're ready to become a Company Officer?
  • Successfully transitioning from Company Officer to Chief Officer
  • Questions to ask of others
  • An overview of a fire service promotional assessment center
  • The fire service promotional assessment center
  • The first step: filing the paperwork to participate in the process
  • The promotional application
  • Supplemental questionnaires
  • Creating a value added promotional resume
  • The written examination
  • What to expect on the written examination
  • The oral interview
  • The promotional oral interview
  • Sample oral board questions
  • Oral board rating sheets
  • Oral interview preparation tip #1: Don't just answer the question, answer the question!
  • Oral interview preparation tip #2: Increase your oral interview scores with the "Introduction-body-conclusion" concept
  • The opening statement
  • The closing statement
  • The personnel counseling session
  • Personnel expectations
  • Written communication exercises
  • In-basket exercises
  • Oral communication exercises
  • Teaching demonstrations
  • Oral presentations
  • Visual resumes
  • The leaderless group exercise
  • The emergency simulation
  • Questions to ask yourself before managing an incident
  • Top 10 contributing factors to line-of-duty-deaths
  • Tactical tips for survival and success
  • Command presence
  • Four phases to managing an incident
  • 10 Basic responsibilities of the first due officer
  • Emergency scene priorities for the incident commander
  • Emergency simulation follow-up questions
  • Emergency simulation written exercise follow-up questions
  • Checklists for various types of incidents
  • Tactical worksheet
  • Simulation practice worksheet & sample answer key
  • The final items
  • Your to-do list
  • Resources


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